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The Grizzly Bear Blues Transition Game

I tried to come up with another Raymond Carver reference for the title of this one but I couldn't do it. My Carver-fu is weak these days.

Ronald Martinez

I'm really happy to announce the next step in the evolution of Grizzly Bear Blues: Chris Faulkner is the new Fearless Leader of Grizzly Bear Blues, the latest in a long line of benevolent dictators and philosopher kings, and I know for a fact that he's going to do a great job with it. Chris is a Memphis guy through and through—somebody who gets the city, gets the team, and understands the connections between them—and I have the utmost confidence that the unprecedented growth that this site has seen over the last year is only going to continue to pick up steam under his care and his leadership.

Chris is taking the reins, and behind him is a team of writers that I am proud to be affiliated with. Every single contributor to this site gives his or her best effort and pours themselves into the work that they do for this site and this community, and it shows on the page. And you, readers and commenters, you guys are ones we do it for. So we can argue with you about Z-Bo's offensive rebounding rate. So you can tell us to shut up about Rudy Gay's eyesight already. This is more than a website: this is a community of Grizzlies fans, through and through. And it's only going to get better.

As for me? I'm headed off into the sunset. My time at SB Nation has been a blessing and a learning experience, and I can't say enough good things about Seth Pollack—our league manager—and every other person involved at the SBN Mothership for the way that they support these sites and you guys. Every one of you who won a jersey through the Grind Prophecies? Thank Seth.

Where am I going? I'm going to be taking over for Chris Herrington covering the Grizzlies for the Memphis Flyer at Beyond the Arc, and tweeting from @FlyerGrizBlog. Chris left behind some big shoes to fill when he headed to the Commercial Appeal earlier this month, but I'm excited (and just a little bit terrified) to be the guy entrusted with keeping that great Grizzlies institution going.

I'll miss my team here. Really, I will. From the bottom of my heart: I love this site and I consider each and every one of you GBB regulars to be personal friends. I'll still be around if you want to get in touch. But give Chris the support he needs while he's getting this whole thing figured out. I know he's going to do wonderful things for the community, and take it farther than I ever could.

Onward and upward!

(And yes, I may have put this article in the "Stuff Lionel Hollins Says" group just because I could.)