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Kevin Lipe talks some Koufos (again) and the merits of SB Nation with Phil Naessens

I went on Phil's show and became the basketball meat in a tasty baseball sandwich.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

I should have posted this already, but other things were on my mind and I forgot to throw the link up: I went on the Phil Naessens Show to talk about Kosta Koufos and the improved Grizzlies bench, the difference in the local coverage an SB Nation blog can give vs. national "talking head" coverage, and much more. It's always a blast to go on Phil's show and shoot the breeze, and I really appreciate our Griz-related chats. You can download the episode here or listen to the show right here on GBB.

Also on the show—as always—were Alex Hall of Athletics Nation and Brandon Kraeling of Red Reporter, making the baseball/Grizzlies/baseball sandwich we've all come to know and love. Big thanks to Phil for having me on the show.

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