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Blogging Lipe I've Never Blogged Before: Grizzly Bear Blues New Managing Editor

Hello, my name is Chris Faulkner, and I have the privilege of taking you through the next phase of evolution for Grizzly Bear Blues.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Hey gang. I know. I'm sad, too. For those of you familiar to these parts, I'm sure you are aware of how much I have loved Kevin's writing and influence on this site during his tenure as editor. Mr. Lipe has done a great service to the Grizzlies community, and that cannot be understated. The shoes I have to fill are not of a size I will underestimate, but they are shoes I am now fervently proud to don.

Change can be unfortunate and it can be disappointing, but it can also expedite growth. Kevin's move to Beyond the Arc at the Memphis Flyer is predicated by Chris Herrington, previous custodian of Beyond the Arc, being promoted to Entertainment Editor of the Commercial Appeal, which, for those of you who don't know, is one of the largest publications in the region.

These moves haven't been brought about by downsizing or consolidation, these are community opportunities that have been presented by the success of the Memphis Grizzlies, and the intense passion of their fan base, including you, the exact person reading this article, right now.

To celebrate that success, I would like to offer a gift of transparency, from myself. My name is Chris Faulkner, and I am a lifelong Memphis resident, outside of a year I attended Murray State University. I am getting married next month to my girlfriend of seven years, the love of my life. We live in Midtown, Memphis with our little, sweet chihuahua, Penny, who happens to be my good luck charm for any and every sporting occasion.

I'm a lover of arts: visual, musical, culinary and kinetic. Kinetic? Yes, kinetic arts, more commonly known as sports. I won't lie; I can be as stereotypically male as possibly, but I also view the Memphis Grizzlies as profound, kinetic artists. Not just artists that use their body to physically create spectacles unforeseen by most people until the advancement of television, but as cultivators of sentiment and emotion that help define a population, the same way many painters, singers and authors have done and still do to this present day.

I want the GBB populous to know they are in good hands. And I want people to miss Kevin Lipe, not because they are worried about what my nonsense might do to GBB, but because he was an integral part of fusing the current Grizzlies team with this community.

Lipe's fingerprints will be all over this site (like TA on the NBA), and don't expect him to disappear all too soon. Even though Kevin's material will now be focused on the Memphis Flyer's coverage of the Grizzlies, he will still have a presence in our commentary and an influence on the personality of the site (Straight Outta Haikuver anyone?).

I know you all will be as excited as I am in congratulating Kevin on his new position at the Flyer. And my sincere hope is for you all to embrace my efforts take on the role of making this site the definitive place to come and talk about your Memphis Grizzlies.


-Chris Faulkner