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Grizzly Bear Blues Weekend Create-a-Caption #8 Winner!


You telling me that even if this much of my foot is on the line, it's considered a two??

Congratulations to Keith G. Edwards Jr.!

Great stuff Keith! Very apropos for the player that probably holds the modern season record for 2 pointers shot from behind the arc. This was such a great photo that we had a lot of solid captions, including one from your truly:

Rudy! Here's that contact lens you lost 3 months ago.

And a great, late push by our own Kevin Lipe again:

Jerryd found one of Keith's redheaded girl's hairs on the floor and wanted to save it for Keith.

Tomorrow we've got Scott, ForeignFlopper, taking the reigns of the shuffle! There won't be a poll this week, but with the glorious return of NFL football this weekend I figure we can talk some pigskin in the comments below. Who's your favorite team? How do you feel about them this season?*

*yeah that's right, some genre bleeding. there's just nothing NBA to talk about right now other than the possibility of Jason Levien trading the rights to use John Hollinger's likeness as a Muppet for the recipe to making a Quik Chek ninja sandwich.