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Memphis Grizzlies and their success with the 30-Point Game

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Grab a pencil and test and take a seat please.

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Today's history lesson is brought to you by the one and only Mike Conley.

At this point we, as in Grizzlies fans, may be the only ones that truly know how good a player Mike Conley is. His 31-point, 7-assist performance in a win against the Phoenix Suns, which follows up his 30-point, 5-assist, 6-rebound game against the San Antonio Spurs got me to wondering: what is the history of the 30-point game for the Memphis Grizzlies?

So I went to do some digging through Basketball-Reference and these are some tidbits I came up with (anything over 30-points counts in this discussion):

  • The first ever 30-point+ game in Memphis/Vancouver Grizzlies history? January 5th, 1996 by way of Greg Anthony, scoring 32 points to defeat the 6-24 Philadelphia 76ers. If you knew that then step right up and claim your prize as the most knowledgeable Griz fan in the history of life.
  • The first 30+ point game in a Memphis Grizzlies uniform? By the late Lorenzen Wright who piled up 33 points and 26 rebounds on November 4th, 2001, which happens to be his birthday.
  • Most points in Memphis Grizzlies history? Mike Miller a.k.a. the man, the Legend, Mystic Wolfman (here is video footage if you don't believe me)
  • There have been four 30-point occurrences in Grizzlies playoff history. Surprisingly, all four have come via Zach Randolph, the first being a 31-point game in Game 6 of the Spurs-Griz series circa 2011 which led to the Memphis winning their first playoff series in team history.
  • Most 30-point games in Grizzlies history? Shareef-Abdur Rahim (34), Pau Gasol (30), Rudy Gay (25), Bryant Reeves (17), Zach Randolph (16), Mike Miller (15), O.J. Mayo (8), Michael Dickerson & James Posey (4), Anthony Peeler (3).
  • Least field-goal attempts in a 30-point game? Greg Anthony with 8 (1996). Most? Abdur Rahim with 31 (1999). Worst FG%? Zach Randolph going 9-25 (36%) against Oklahoma City in 2009.
  • Oldest player to score 30? Zach Randolph. Youngest? Abdur-Rahim.
  • Zach Randolph and Pau Gasol are tied at 19 with the most 30-point double-doubles in team history.
  • Most 30-point games in a season? Shareef-Abdur Rahim (1997-98) and Rudy Gay (2007-08) with 12.
  • Most three's made in a 30-point game? Mike Miller, of course, with 9.
  • Post Conley's effort against the Suns, a follower of mine, @JMay11 to be exact, wondered if Conley was the first Grizz to ever post back-to-back 30-pointers. Well he wasn't. Several players have done it (Mayo, Gay, Randolph, Pau), but the most in a row is three coming from Pau in '06 and Big Country in '98.
  • Gordon Giricek, Tony Massenberg and Blue Edwards are your "least likely Griz players to score 30".
  • Our beloved Marc Gasol has only scored 30+ once, coming in 2009 against the 76ers.
  • I decided to flip the script here. Instead of looking at Griz players scoring 30+, I looked at opponents completing the task and, including the playoffs, Kevin Durant (16), Kobe Bryant (15) and Dirk Nowitzki (12) have the most 30+ point outings versus Memphis. Kobe takes the cake for highest scored against the club with 60 (2007).

Interesting stuff there eh?

All-in-all, appreciate the 30-point game when it happens by the Grizzlies player. It doesn't come often. Last night was Conley's third 30+'er for his career. Now I find myself anxiously waiting for the next one, whether it come from MC or another player.