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Memphis Grizzlies continue offensive flurry to beat the Atlanta Hawks in FedexForum

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Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Final - 1.12.2014 1 2 3 4 Total
Atlanta Hawks 18 23 31 29 101
Memphis Grizzlies 21 27 29 31 108

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It was a slow start, but the Griz turned on the offense in the second half and confidently took down the Hawks on a lovely Sunday evening in Memphis.

  • The Grizzlies have scored over 100 pts in seven of their last eleven games.
  • Memphis is shooting 35% from three point land over the past six games.
  • Griz rank #3 in the NBA in Rebound Rate (52.3% of missed shots rebounded).
  • Memphis has the sixth best turnover ratio in the NBA and rank 9th in assist ratio.
  • Over the past 5 games Mike Conley is averaging 24pts and shooting 50% from three and 52% from the field.

I had to miss the first 40 minutes of this one for family engagements, so what did you guys think of the performance tonight?

Stay tuned for a full recap from Keith Edwards!