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Grizzly Bear Blues Live! GBB Podcast Debuts January 16th!

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GBB is taking to the Blog Talk Radio airwaves starting this Thursday, January 16th at 7PM CST for a live broadcast to talk everything Grizzlies. Get all of the details for the show below!

Get excited! Grizzly Bear Blues Live debuts this Thursday at 7 PM CST!
Get excited! Grizzly Bear Blues Live debuts this Thursday at 7 PM CST!
Ezra Shaw

For the past few days, I and other writers have been tweeting about a big announcement coming from Grizzly Bear Blues today. Something that would change the way you enjoy the site and Grizzlies fandom.

Introducing...Grizzly Bear Blues Live!

Hosted by myself and produced by Chris Faulkner, Grizzly Bear Blues Live will air on Blog Talk Radio starting this Thursday, January 16th from 7-8 PM CST. It will be a weekly hour-long program, airing every Thursday!

I cannot stress enough that the show will be LIVE; this is not your typical recorded podcast. Quoting Producer and GBB Managing Editor Chris Faulkner...

"It's 100% pure live. Blog Talk Radio archives the shows so people can go back and listen if they miss the live show. Listeners can call in and be screened to go live as well. There is also a chat room for the live shows. So people can inquire and comment on the show as it's happening.

You will be able to interact with the show via Skype, phone (347-327-9173) or Twitter @GBBLive or at @sbnGrizzlies as it is on the air as well. We will take calls, questions and will make you, the listener, a part of the GBB Live experience.

The inaugural show will feature Chris and myself talking about what is new in the land of the Grizzlies as well as what you can expect from the show and we will also take some of your questions/comments in the first segment. Keith Edwards will join us in the second segment to talk up some of his recent work for the site, as well as play a little game called "Better Know a Blogger" in which we play the traditional game of 21 Questions so that you get a better understanding of the great writers who make this blog what it is. Finally, Kevin Lipe, the former GBB Managing Editor and current writer for the Memphis Flyer's Beyond-the-Arc blog, will be on the show to talk about the past week in Grizzlies basketball and the schedule ahead.

These are exciting times for the Grizzly Bear Blues family. We hope you join us this Thursday at 7 PM CST as we begin a new exciting chapter in GBB history with Grizzly Bear Blues Live!

To get to the Blog Talk Radio page and follow the show, click here!