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Kevin Durant to play against Memphis Grizzlies following ugly spill from previous game

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USA TODAY Sports is reporting today that Kevin Durant feels just fine and will play against the Grizzlies in Memphis tonight. Our former managing editor summed it up very well with a quick tweet.

Indeed, Kevin.

: ( and *crying* would have also been appropriate reactions. I'm all for seeing their best against our best, but without Tony Allen and Marc Gasol this matchup becomes not-quite-as-fun for Grizzlies fans. I'd imagine we'll see Tayshaun Prince covering Durant for the first 6 minutes of the game, and while I haven't looked up any history on that matchup ... I'm not incredibly excited about it's possibilities.

An option that could provide a bit more fun might come when we inevitably see James Johnson put on Kevin Durant. I just hope KD isn't sitting at 20+ pts when we finally see it.

But hey, I'm not going to leave you all on a downer. Check out this note of interest: