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The age-old battle of Body and Mind for Marc Gasol and the Memphis Grizzlies

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With Gasol returning to practice this week, reporters and media-types have been able to garner enough commentary from Marc to show exactly how badly he wants to be on the court with his teammates.

Andy Lyons

I'd like to think that some of the happiest people on earth are some of the people that successfully marry and compromise the existence of their body and mind. Life should be exciting and rich when lived under the blessing of that bond, and in many instances it just comes down to your body being able to execute what your mind is thinking.

Well, not just executing it, but executing it quickly and accurately. One could argue that some of the greatest minds in existence are never fully appreciated because of lapses between brain activity and physical action - both in subtle, accumulative fashion and in the more drastic, obvious sense.

I stand in awe at the accomplishments and thoughts of Stephen Hawking, but I also imagine what might be different if he lived his entire life in normal, standard health. Conversely, a brilliant genius can also be derailed and stifled by something as simple as a nervous tic or an obsessive-compulsive habit.

Fortunately for Griz fans and Marc Gasol we are dealing with something that's probably less complex. Marc has a damaged ligament in his knee that was specifically identified and treated, and he looks to hopefully return to action in the next week or so. The ligament, however, isn't the only issue. There's all the rest of his body that has been dormant or less active for nearly 2 months (folks are reporting that Marc has lost noticeable weight since his injury).

I'm sure Gasol wishes he could just give his body a directive, much in the way you order a soft drink at McDonald's. Marc knows what he wants his body to do and I'm sure a very large percentage of his muscle memory still exists, but with so much time off those neurons and muscle fibers just aren't firing and contracting the way he'd like them to.

How much of Marc Gasol do we need? Can he be effective in limited minutes? Is there even a possible scenario where Marc Gasol will play limited minutes or will doctors keep him sidelined until the body-mind connection is running at full capacity?

I'm sure for Marc those questions are frustrating and even ridiculous. He wants to be on the court - now - and for 40ish minutes every game. Fortunately for the welfare of Marc - and unfortunately for the heartbeats of Gasol fanboys - the Grizzlies have people in place to make sure the body-mind compromise isn't ... compromised.

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  4. The Grizzlies will finish 40% or better in three-point-shooting (3 points awarded to correct predictions; 0 point awarded to incorrect predictions)

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