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The case for Mike Conley making the All-Star team, and why he won't.

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Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron McGuire at Gothic Ginobili has a fantastic piece up on Mike Conley where he discusses the amazing job he's done at anchoring the team with Marc Gasol and Tony Allen missing time with injuries. He punctuates that section with this gem:

But acting as your team's top perimeter stopper besides? That's like plopping a friend who's never played a single video game in front of Doom on Inferno difficulty and expecting them to make it through in one sitting. Sure, it can theoretically be done, but you have to have a gift to even be in the conversation. Also: why would you do that?!

He also articulates what exactly is making this a banner season for Mike Conley by breaking down three types of NBA point guards and explaining how Mike Conley is an extraordinarily rare combination that overlaps all three.

It's a really great Conley-love-fest that I highly recommend you check out, right now. But with love comes reality - and the unfortunate part of this one is that there are too many great guards in the West this season and the Grizzlies record is a killer for Conley's All-Star consideration. Maybe the Griz can reel off seven-consecutive wins and pluck some Conley heart strings with voters ... regardless - Mike Conley is looking like one of the best athletes on the planet right now.

McGuire tops off the piece with a look at whether or not the Grizzlies make the playoffs (he thinks they do) and discusses the difficulty in making that run (it will be difficult). When you look at the math and tiebreakers, we could be experiencing some 2011 deja vu this NBA season.