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Grizzly Bear Blues Live Debut Podcast Now Available for Download and Replay

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Last night, Grizzly Bear Blues Live! debuted on BlogTalkRadio with host Joe Mullinax, Producer Chris Faulkner and guests Keith Edwards and Kevin Lipe. Find the archived podcast link below.

"Miley Cyrus, really Mullinax?"
"Miley Cyrus, really Mullinax?"
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzly Bear Blues Live, our weekly new live podcast that airs every Thursday from 7-8 PM CST, debuted last night and was a rousing success. In the first segment, Managing Editor and GBBLive producer Chris Faulkner and myself discussed "Grizzly Bear News" such as what was new on the site, James Johnson's explosive games vs. the Bucks and Spurs, whether or not booing your own players is acceptable and other aspects of the recent string of Grizzlies games.

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In the second segment, Keith Edwards joined me for the first ever installment of "Better Know a Blogger." We talked about how Keith got involved in the site, the Grizzlies and some other more random topics. It was an opportunity for our listeners/readers to get to know Keith a little bit better, and going forward "Better Know a Blogger" will be more Grizzly centric.

In the final segment, Kevin Lipe of the Memphis Flyer's "Beyond-the-Arc" blog came on to speak on how far Grizzly Bear Blues has come in the past few years (Straight Outta Vancouver shout out) and also to give his views on the Calathes dilemma, how James Johnson has impacted the team and the next two games on the Grizzlies schedule against the Kings and Pelicans.

Be sure to give it a listen in the player below and enjoy your first taste of Grizzly Bear Blues Live and follow on Twitter @GBBLive so that you can be a part of next weeks show, which will feature Andrew Ford and Phil Naessens of 'The Phil Naessens Show."

Listen To Basketball Internet Radio Stations with Grizzly Bear Blues Live on BlogTalkRadio

Grizzly Bear Blues Live 1-16-14 Podcast: Joe Mullinax, Chris Faulkner, Keith Edwards, Kevin Lipe.