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Grizzly Bear Blues Live Podcast Airs Tonight at 7PM Central!

The second episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live airs tonight live at 7 PM Central Time on BlogTalkRadio. Producer Chris Faulkner, Andrew Ford and Phil Naessens will all join me on the program.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you to everyone who listened to the Grizzly Bear Blues Live! broadcast either live with us last week or via downloadable podcast later in the week. GBB Live episode 2 airs tonight live at 7 PM CST, and here is what will be on the show.

On tonight's episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live, Chris Faulkner and Joe Mullinax will discuss Tony Allen's role upon returning from injury, your responses to the GBB Live Twitter question of the day and the past week's action during "Grizzly Bear News." Andrew Ford will then join the program in the second segment as he talks about breaking down film and takes part in "Better Know a Blogger." Finally, Phil Naessens of "The Phil Naessens Show" will dissect the Grizzlies playoff picture and how Memphis can finish the climb back into the hunt.

All this and more on this week's episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live! Check out the links below to the show's website where you can listen, and also be sure to check out the poll, as you will get a sneak preview at the Twitter question of the day before it is sent out at noon! Leave a comment after your vote and be heard on the show!

Click Here to Listen to Grizzly Bear Blues Live at 7 PM Central Time!

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