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Grizzly Bear Blues Live Podcast Replay Now Available!

Grizzly Bear Blues Live aired Thursday night and was another awesome show! If you missed the live podcast, listen to the show below!

Kevin C. Cox

The Grizzly Bear Blues Live podcast aired its second episode Thursday night. In the first segment, Chris Faulkner and myself discussed the Grizzly events of the week in "Grizzly Bear News." Topics included the win against the Kings, the loss against the Pelicans and works on the site by BluesCityJoe and yours truly that made waves the past week.

In segment two, staff writer Andrew Ford joined Chris and I for the "Better Know a Blogger" segment. Andrew does a great job with film breakdown on the site and he talked about his experience on Bruce Pearl's staff in 2009 at Tennessee as a student manager among other topics.

Finally, Phil Naessens of "The Phil Naessens Show" came on the show in the last segment and talked about Nick Calathes, the officiating in the NBA and he helped me preview the week ahead. We both believe the Grizzlies can go 3-1 this coming week, with two games against Houston and a trip to Portland and Sacramento on the horizon.

Be sure to listen to the podcast below, follow the site and Grizzly Bear Blues Live on Twitter! Next week Kevin Yeung and Matt Hrdlicka will be on the show talking all things Grizzly.

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