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Grizzly Bear Blues Live With Rick Trotter Tonight at 7!

Episode 3 of Grizzly Bear Blues Live airs tonight at 7 PM CST on BlogTalkRadio, and we have a loaded show. Chris Faulkner, Matt Hrdlicka, Kevin Yeung and Grizzlies PA announcer Rick Trotter will all join Joe Mullinax on this week's program.

The great Mike Conley will be a topic of discussion through this week's episode!
The great Mike Conley will be a topic of discussion through this week's episode!
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

What a great week, Grizzlies fans! A 4 game win streak, a sweep of Houston and a 2-0 start to a 3 game road trip against the Portland Trailblazers and Sacramento Kings. Your Memphis Grizzlies are only a half game out of the 8 seed, and that will be discussed and much more on tonight's Grizzly Bear Blues Live podcast!

On this installment of Grizzly Bear Blues Live, with host Joe Mullinax and producer Chris Faulkner, the latest news and updates on the Memphis Grizzlies and will be discussed in the first segment called "Grizzly Bear News." In segment two, contributor Matt Hrdlicka will join the program to talk film breakdown, the Grizzlies back-up point guard situation, the playoff chase and partake in our "Better Know a Blogger" segment.

In segment three, Kevin Yeung of and will come on the show and discuss what it is like to write for two fan blogs, the Memphis/Oklahoma City Rivalry and the greatness that is Kevin Durant. In the show's final segment, Grizzlies public address announcer Rick Trotter will close out the show as he details what it is like to announce for the Grizzlies in his 8th season, the development of Mike Conley and his expectations for the second half of the season.

All this and your calls in the first segment, on this weeks episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live! Call in to the show by dialing (347) 327-9173 and Tweet/follow us on Twitter to answer the Grizzly Bear Blues Live Question of the Day!

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