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A salute to Jerryd Bayless from the city of Memphis

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Ay Jay Bay is shipping out of the Bluff City and headed for Bean Town.

Salute to you #7, Yella Yella the Celtics killer.

The team you had a knack for trouncing decided that they can get the best out of you in Boston, MA. From what they've seen of you, I can understand why they'd be happy to shed Lee's salary and see what you can do in the Garden.

Readers of this site may recall that I am a fervent Jerryd Bayless fan. It was disappointing to see him struggle this season after he picked up the player option that no one thought he'd pick up - specifically because he liked it here in Memphis. His fancy for Memphis was exemplified in how he treated those with which he interacted around town, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a waiter or waitress that didn't serving JB.

As a Memphian, that's something that means a lot to me and to the populous here that cheer for the Grizzlies. We always cherish being appreciated by people who aren't from our region, and I believe the city of Memphis appreciated Jerryd Bayless as much as he appreciate the city.

I think Bayless is a very gifted athlete that probably has a long career of basketball ahead of himself. I wish him the best in finding a new groove in Boston and giving those fans some of the joys he brought to the fans of the Grizzlies.

PS: JB, I hope you find an Andrew Michaels Italian Kitchen replacement up in Boston, and I hope a Chick-Fil-A might somehow be in range for you, too.