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Joe Mullinax Talks Lee Deal on the Phil Naessens Show

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Post-wedding break, yours truly got back into the rotation with Phil Naessens today. Perfect timing too, as we had plenty to discuss.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

After a couple of weeks off for my wedding, I was able to get back into the Grizzly Bear Blues swing and also talk with my friend Phil Naessens on "The Phil Naessens Show" about the deal sending Jerryd Bayless to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Courtney Lee. As I said in my piece about the Grizz-Lee Acquisition, I believe it is a win for a team in the Grizzlies who desperately needed perimeter shooting and a wing who could defend other wings more effectively.

However, it also conjures up new questions. What will the Grizzlies do at the back-up PG position? Can Nick Calathes can do the job? Is there another move on the horizon? Then, there's this tweet from yesterday that caught my attention...

If a Gasol return is indeed on the horizon, then the Grizzlies may be primed to make a run at the playoffs. Lee will likely play a key role in that pursuit.

I had a blast with Phil, as always. Please give it a listen below.