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Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach Dave Joerger Approval Poll

It's time to check the pulse again. What does Grizz Nation feel about the man calling the shots?

He's working on the suits, y'all.
He's working on the suits, y'all.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Western Standings

Oklahoma City Thunder 34 27-7 .794
San Antonio Spurs 34 26-8 .765
Portland Trail Blazers 34 26-8 .765
Los Angeles Clippers 37 24-13 .649
Golden State Warriors 36 23-13 .639
Houston Rockets 35 22-13 .629
Phoenix Suns 32 20-12 .625
Dallas Mavericks 34 19-15 .559
Minnesota Timberwolves 34 17-17 .500
Denver Nuggets 33 16-17 .485
New Orleans Pelicans 32 15-17 .469
Memphis Grizzlies 33 15-18 .455
Los Angeles Lakers 34 14-20 .412
Sacramento Kings 32 10-22 .313
Utah Jazz 36 11-25 .306

The Grizzlies still have a ways to climb to get into playoff position, but you can argue that Dave Joerger is making the best of what he can with a longterm injury to Marc Gasol and other intermittent injuries that have hindered the Grizzlies.

Memphis still hovers near the bottom of the league in defensive efficiency, and still maintain a middle-of-the-pack stance on the offensive end. The Griz are in the top 10 in assist rates and number 2 overall in rebounding, capturing 52.3% of missed shots.

There are still questions about Joerger's rotation and lineup choices, but the Memphis Grizzlies are no longer lacking in the effort column the way they appeared to be at the start of the season. Perhaps that's a credit to greater powers, but effort does not seem to be an issue under Joerger's watch at this point.

Focus, however, is another issue. There are too many stretches of games where the Grizzlies seem to lose all functionality and cohesiveness. This has shown to get the Griz in enough trouble to sink them in the second halves of games. Come to think of it, this tendency has probably killed Memphis' chance at victory in a few first halves as well.

It's still a mixed bag, and it's still too early to completely judge Dave Joerger. Going off of what he's had to work with since the Marc Gasol injury, my assessment of Joerger yields a generous B minus.

This, however, also includes a hat tip to the Grizzlies front office for interjecting James Johnson to the roster. But at the same time, Joerger hasn't been afraid to give Johnson some heavy minutes.

Final Tentative Grade: B minus