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Marc Gasol reinforces his desire to be more active and aggressive on offense

Marc Gasol and Mike Conley answer questions following the second day of training camp.

Joe Murphy - NBA

Following Tuesday's practice, Mike Conley summed it up in one word: "urgency". When I asked Marc Gasol to describe WEDNESDAY'S practice, he responded with..."Day Two."

Thanks, big man.

However, the Grizzlies center couldn't have said it better. He elaborated on his answer as well as talked to me about where he is individually heading into the prime of his career...

AUDIO: Marc Gasol discusses training camp and his career :AUDIO

Mike Conley was again available to give me a brief synopsis of Day Two: "mental focus." Sounds like Head Coach Dave Joerger was able to implement some strategies and principles on the court today. More thinking often means less running in training camp, a welcome change.

For those chemistry-watchers out there, the two men who manned the SG spot last year seem to be getting along well. "I see you C-Lee! Working on your game!" hollered Tony Allen on his way out of the gym, looking back at Courtney Lee sinking jumpers. Zach Randolph, meanwhile, quickly and quietly made his way onto the team bus - veteran move.

As Gasol alluded to, Day Three is tomorrow. After two days of two-A-days, the Grizz will only have one practice on Thursday - an afternoon delight.

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