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Memphis Grizzlies vs. Atlanta Hawks, final score 93-88: Marc Gasol emerges like a butterfly from the cocoon

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Memphis' core starters opened up and finished the game in dominant fashion.

Lance Murphey/Getty Images

1st Half Notes:

Marc gasol is living up to his committment of being a more prominent leader on the court. He looked extremely confident on both ends of the floor and finished the Q with 11 pts and 8 rbs.

Vince Carter saw his first action as a Grizzly and promptly drained a three pointer.

Grizzlies played great team defense, but still sorely miss Marc when he's not out there, also water shown to possibly still be wet.

Jon Leuer also looking confident in his action on offense.

Beno looks to be in great shape and ready to backup Mike.

Vince is still getting into game shape, nailing some shots but also racking up 3 quick fouls from playing risky defense.

as usual, when the grizzlies can play half-court defense it's nearly impossible for the opposition to get off a clean shot.

I hope Zach doesn't get back in the habit of looking for fouls every time he gets the ball in the paint.

Tayshaun is showing some fight, and definitely looks better than the sickly version we saw this time last year, but he's still not who you want guarding NBA small forwards anymore.

If you haven't heard yet, Marc Gasol looks really good. Grizzlies close the half on a strong note, up 47-40.

2nd Half Notes:

Marc. Leader. Aggressive. I just want to remind you.

Tayshaun Prince just pump faked and got a player in the air, dribbled forward to shoot and still got blocked by said player.

Z-Bo has been trying to take it easy so far in this one, but the man can still turn it up under the basket. #StillDontBluff

Jon Leuer shows off with a sneaky spin hook, and tries another to no avail.

Grizzlies close the 3rd quarter up 4 pts , but the Hawks are making shots and showing some sustained hustle.

For all the good leuer brings, he's still quite a liability when defending quicker players.

I've gushed over Marc and completely overlooked how dominant Mike Conley can be when he decides to take his turn.

Jordan Adams still looks silky smooth on the court, that weight loss is really going to help him with the speed of the NBA game.

It's freaking awesome to see Z-Bo going AFTER it in a preseason. #50 is ready, and possibly angry.

Grizzlies look to close the game out with starters Conley, Randolph and Gasol in along with Jordan Adams and Patrick Christopher. I'm a bit surprised to see the Core 3 still in the game, but it's good to get some closeout practice in the preseason.

Dave Joerger drew up a fantastic ATP (after timeout play) with just 3 minutes left that got Conley an easy basket to keep their lead padded a touch.

Patrick Christopher could very well end up making this roster. He's shown great awareness, speed and chemistry with the Grizzlies A-team.

Mike Conley sinks a money jumper to take the Grizzlies up by 5 with 31.9 seconds to play.

Stat I expected to see: Marc Gasol leads the way with 21 pts.

Stat I didn't expect to see: Zach Randolph lead the Grizzlies in assists with five total.