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Grizzlies vs. Hawks Report Card: Marc Is Awesome and VINSANITY ARRIVES

Grizzlies 93 - Hawks 88

Lance Murphey/Getty Images

Grizzlies Report Card


Mike Conley: 35 MIN |23 PTS|9-16 FGS|+10

B+. Drove to the basket and ran the offense efficiently, but he missed three WIDE OPEN three pointers off of kickouts from Koufos and Gasol. He has to make those during the season.

Quincy Pondexter: 27 MIN |2 PTS|1-6 FGS|3 Assists| +6

D. Someone should send out an amber alert for QPon's game because it seems to be missing.

Tayshaun Prince: 26 MIN |8 PTS|3-6 FGS|4 REB|+11

C+. It's Tayshaun; if he scores more than 12 points in a game I'll try to open field tackle Zach Randolph with no pads. His defense is starting to become suspect and he missed two threes that he shouldn't have taken. He can still rebound though!

Zach Randolph: 30 MIN |10 PTS|5-15 FGS|8 REB|5 AST |+0

B. ZBo was hitting cutters left and right with great passes from the post. He still can't guard Paul Millsap though. I'd expect more lines like this from ZBo throughout the season.

Marc Gasol: 29 MIN |21 PTS|8-14 FGS|13 REB|3 Blk|+10

A+++. This was the best Marc has looked since I don't know when. He destroyed the Hawks front line with quick post moves and his jumper. There was no denying Gasol in this meaningless preseason exhibition.

Mark it down now. Barring injury, this Marc Gasol will win the Defensive Player of the Year award. He's too quick and too smart to not win again. Transforming his body was the best thing he could do for this Grizzlies team.


Vince Carter: 13 MIN |9 PTS|2-3 FGS|-9

A. I was convinced I was going to give him an A in the layup line when he was throwing down one handed dunks then he came out and drained two threes. I almost fainted face first into my BBQ Nachos.

If Juicy J or Al Kapone doesn't make a remake of Insane in the Membrane called VINSANE IN THE MEMBRANE we are losing as a society.

Jon Leuer: 17 MIN |6 PTS|3-8 FGS|5 REB|-3

B. Jon had two of the highlights of the night with a dunk and spinning fadeaway. Otherwise he was didn't do much.

Kosta Koufos: 20 MIN |4 PTS|5 REB|+3

B. He did everything you would want him to do. I'm pretty sure he got slower over the summer.

Jordan Adams: 21 MIN |6 PTS|2-4 FGS|-1

C. Not his best game. He reached on defense too much and tried to force things in transition and it didn't end up well. I do love how easily he gets to the rim though.

Beno Udrih: 12 MIN |2 PTS|1-3 FGS|+2

D. He hurt his hand in the second quarter and for some reason re-entered the game. I find that unacceptable in preseason.

Patrick Christopher: 10 MIN |2 PTS|1-5 FGS|+2

D. I hope he has clothes that can handle Iowa weather.

Kalin Lucas: 2 MIN

He played?


Tony Allen - Rest
Nick Calathas - Illness
Courtney Lee - Personal Reasons
Jarnell Stokes - Coach's Decision
Earl Clark - Coach's Decision
Luke Hancock - Coach's Decision
Hassan Whiteside - Coach's Decision