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GBB Over/Under- Another Grizz Funeral, a Bluth Family Preseason, and Cutting the Cord

Your weekly look into everything over and under appreciated with your Memphis Grizzlies, the NBA, and life, the universe, and everything else

Joe Murphy/Getty

What up!

I'm pumped because there was real live basketball this week.  Let's get to the list!!!!!

The Memphis Grizzlies


A B-Easy Funeral- We lost another (potential) member of the Memphis Grizzlies this week.  Michael Beasley took the money and ran to China this week, after missing the first preseason game in Green Bay with an "illness".  I wonder if "illness" is a code word for "finding my passport and seeing just how much pot I can sneak in my carry-on bag", but I guess it doesn't matter.

Let's take a look back through the highlight reel that is B-Easy's career with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Via Yahoo Sports

October 8, 2014- DNP "Illness"

October 9, 2014- Waived by the Grizzlies

Okay then...

It's tough when the highlight of a guy's time spent in Memphis is his roster picture.  But that's all we've got.

Anyway...I'm a little bummed that he didn't make the team.  I think this team can handle any guy who may be a problem.  Their chemistry is "unpoisonable" at this point.  Whether he could play or not...that remained to be seen. At least this question got answered:


So c'est la vie Super Cool Beas.  I think it is only fair that you get a proper Irish funeral only if you have actually played a game for the Grizzlies.  So I need the opposite of a rousing Irish drinking song...which according to the scientific method is this...

Also Over-rated

A Bluth Family Guide to the Grizzlies Preseason- The Grizzlies played actual basketball this week, going 1-2 in three riveting bouts of basketball excellence.  While preseason basketball may not need to be jazzed up all that much (umm...not), here are my thoughts about the preseason so far, illustrated by America's last great television family, the Bluths from Arrested Development.

Game One- At Milwaukee Green Bay Bucks (Get Buck Get Buck).

Ahhh...Finally... Basketball!!!!!

Starting Lineup has TA next to QPon...not too bad...

No Vinsanity nor Super Cool Beas tonight

Starters looked good for the nine minutes they were in together.  Johnny Badger played pretty well, too.

Rookies got a chance to play.  Lots of hustle...just don't look at the plus/minus

Grizz lose a game nobody really cared about

Game Two- At the Houston Rockets

Thank goodness this game is on all I gotta do is get cable (see below)

Hey look who is in the starting lineups: Tayshaun Prince!

That's ok...he is right next to Courtney Lee

No Dwight Howard...probably because he is scared of Big Padre...

All the Grizzlies put in the adequate effort for a back to back game in the pre-season

Grizz lose again

Game Three- Home against the Atlanta Hawks

Opener at the Grindhouse...Nothing like pre-season basketball on a Saturday night!

Tayshaun is back in the starting lineup

But at least Vince Carter played!!!

Big Padre was really aggressive tonight, with ten points and eight rebounds in the first ten minutes or so

This game was sung late.  I have not really understood what Head Coach Dave Joerger is doing with the rotations yet...but it's early...he's got time.  Just before you put Tay back in the starting lineups...think this...

This one was awful close.  If the Grizz can't pull this one out...

But the Grizz pull this one out

Anyway...its the pre-season, so you really can not tell a whole lot of anything.  When the good players are motivated, they play well.  When they aren't...they really don't.  Most of the time, rookies play badly against starters and great against scrubs, which tells us nothing.  So maybe I have spent entirely too much time on this.



Lebron hasn't spoken to Bosh since blah blah blah-  This week, Chris Bosh admitted that he and Lebron James have not spoken since Lebron left for Cleveland.

This seems really foolish to me.  DId we honestly expect them to be BFFs???  The NBA is their job, and you are not friends with everyone you work with.  Ever gotten a new job or a new position in a different part of a company?  Last year I changed jobs where I work, and there are people that I used to work with that I haven't talked to since.  To me, this is barely news.

I can see this is going to be the super annoying story in the NBA this year.  I wonder if Dwyane Wade will send Lebron a Christmas card?  Maybe they will go to the prom.  Maybe they won't.  Who cares???


OKC feels angstKevin Durant will miss 6-8 weeks of the regular season with a Jones fracture in his foot.  Two months is a lot of games.  This feels like a big story.  There is nothing to hate about Durant (but I could be persuaded).    However, I really am beginning to hate OKC.  First of all, it's in Oklahoma.  What keeps Texas from falling into the ocean? Because Oklahoma sucks.  Trust me, if you have never been there, don't go.

Second, Steven Adams is a jerk.

First game seven, now I feel like he is trash talking a rivalry the kiwi has no business being in.

Third, I'm tired of Russell Westbrook.  Sure, he is a good player.  But he vacillates between good Russ and bad Russ so often that it's hard to tell which you will get on a given night.  Plus...he wears ridiculous clothes.

Now this team will be in the hands of Russ and Adams without Durant for two months.  Last week I said OKC would be a slight over on their win total.  Now they are a slight under, and this slight under may be the difference between 1st and 4th in the West.

Poor Thunder fans

Ok...I promise that is the last gif...this week.

Life, the Universe, and Everything Else



These look like the grossest things on the planet.  But hear me out...

I had the Caramel Apple Oreos this weekend and they...are...amazing.

I love caramel, so I figured if I hated the apple part I would just eat the caramel half.

Not so.  These cookies are awesome.  They literally taste like someone put a caramel apple inside a cookie.

Go ahead...give em a try.


Cable-  This year is a new adventure for me.    For the first time in many many years, my household is operating without cable.  Back in June, I received the cable bill in the mail and was outraged by the rise in cost.  With the end of basketball season, hockey season, and Mad Men, I was finished with most of the things I watch on television anyway.  My wife and I discussed it, and we cut the cord.

Let me tell you  I no longer feel like I am pouring hundreds of dollars into a device I rarely use any longer.  I actually watch more shows and movies than I would have before because I do watch them on purpose, not just in the background.  Plus, with services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant, I have hours of entertainment for my whole family at a fraction of the cost.

Now we are coming up on the ultimate test.  Hockey season is upon us, and basketball for real will start soon.I would be a League Pass subscriber, but the Grizzlies and Hawks are my blackout games, so that is no good.      I have enjoyed using the NBA League Pass Audio for the pre-season, mostly because Eric Hassletine is awesome at what he does.  Listening to the broadcast has given sports a more nostalgic feel, probably something Rick Reilly should write about.

But this is just the beginning of my adventure this season.  Maybe I will bring a new perspective on games for this column.    Or maybe I will just stick to what I do best...fart jokes and making fun of people.

Oh...and by the way...We tried Hulu Plus as a VOD sucks.  Lets just say that I was paying for this service, and still watching six to twelve ads per episode.  Why?  Just freaking why???

Next week...the GBB OVER UNDER MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES SEASON PREVIEW EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!  With enough gif/jifs to destroy your brouser!!!!!

Until then...

Auf Baby