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Tayshaun Prince wants to find more offensive creativity for his role with the Grizzlies

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Rare words from the reserved NBA champion.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies beat writer Ron Tillery of The Commercial Appeal recently caught up with and pried out some interesting thoughts from Grizzlies SF Tayshaun Prince, a player whose role has been heavily questioned by fans over the past year.

Prince speaks on the attributes that make him valuable to coaches, specifically the things he does without scoring and without the ball like defending multiples positions and ... well that's about it when it comes to tangible and kinetic impact on the court.

But Tayshaun isn't daft; we're still talking about a very smart man here. He acknowledges that he has to bring more to the table offensively to garner the kind of minutes that he feels will make him most effective for the Grizzlies. Here's what Prince specifically said in regards to that role:

Last year, I was just in the position of spacing the floor. I've never done stuff like that, so I want to get back to ball handling and creating and making plays. If I can get back to those things, it'll open up more opportunities for me, as opposed to just spacing the floor.

I just have to be more of an offensive threat on the floor. I can't be an offensive threat just spacing out and waiting for jump shots. That's not really what I've done in this league before. I just want to be more creative.

Tayshaun and Dave Joerger will most definitely have to be creative to give Prince relevance on the offensive end, and I'm not convinced that said creativity is Joerger's strong suit at this point in his coaching career.

I will say that Prince has a steady handle on the ball and one of the lowest turnover rates in the NBA, but with Memphis still running things through Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, floor spacing is still very, very high on their lists of needs from the role players on the roster.

What I'm really thinking: Joerger will need to experiment with hallucinogens and meditation to seek out the kind of creativity he needs to justify the minutes that he probably wants to give to Tayshaun Prince.