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Grizzlies Q&A with Clippers expert from Clips Nation: LA expects Conference Finals appearance

Nothing fires up Grizz fans like mentioning the Clippers. Despite the different circumstances, the Grizzlies and Clippers experienced similarities last season. Both had new head coaches, too many injuries, and a bunch of off-season drama.

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Grinding through the Off-season: Clippers Edition

Before beginning this conversation, I told multiple people that I was going to be doing a Q&A with a Clippers blogger. Predictably, the responses were not very positive. There is definitely something to be said when simply mentioning a team's name creates so much animosity among so many. I think some people tend to forget that, like the Grizzlies, the Clippers were a bad team for a long time, and not every Clippers fan jumped on the bandwagon with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Like some older Grizz followers, those fans have waited patiently for a great team to form and can finally sit back and enjoy their success. These die-hard fans can provide insightful perspectives that may often go ignored due to the simple fact that they are the Grizzlies biggest rivals.

Lucky for GBB and me, one of these fans was nice enough to talk to me all about the Clippers' previous season and the drama that followed in their off-season. Let me welcome SBnation's Clips Nation's, Danielle Greenberg.