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Grizzlies vs. Flamengo: Three Things to Listen For

More non-televised preseason basketball is coming our way, and that's bound to be giving you the blues. For now, you'll have to really use your listening skills to get your head in the game.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If you go by the win column, the Grizzlies haven't had a particularly good preseason. After being bested in three of four preseason games to date, the team returns to the Grindhouse, where they will face off against Flamengo and hopefully work out some kinks with the regular season fast approaching.

Three things to listen for

  • Will the starters play? One can only assume they will, given that the regular season is almost upon us and this is the time where coaches usually start getting serious in order to see what their team is really made of. Preseason basketball is not the most riveting thing on earth, and that's especially true if backups play the entire game. If the starters do play, how long will Coach Joerger leave them in, and what will the rotation look like? Up to this point, it's been tough to get a bead on Joerger's reasoning for his lineups, and perhaps that's because he doesn't want to show his hand in the preseason.
  • Walter Hermann. You read that right. In NBA Live 2008, back when people still played the Live series, Hermann was unstoppable. I drafted him on every single fantasy team I made on the game, because I could score twenty points and grab twenty rebounds with him every game. It was spectacular and inexplicable. A world where Walter Hermann does things that only Kevin Love can do in reality is a pretty fun one to me. Hermann, now with Flamengo, is the only former NBA player on the roster. Even though Hermann has been removed from the NBA for some time, my point is that it wouldn't be a bad idea to listen for how the players going against Hermann fare, because he's a pretty talented fellow.
  • Will Jordan Adams continue to make people take notice? Adams has had an up-and-down preseason, and his performances have created a lot of conversation. He has excelled at getting to the charity stripe, but it would certainly be nice to see him knock down a higher percentage of his freebies. Additionally, despite having a couple solid performances, he's shot the three ball poorly, which is uncharacteristic of him. It would be ideal if he could get some run with a group (read: some starters) that could set him up for some more spot up looks beyond the arc. Until the regular season begins, it will probably be tough to tell what the Grizzlies have in Adams, at least as far as this season goes. Even with a crowded backcourt, don't discount the possibility of Adams forcing his way into the rotation because of his ability to create for himself, spot up beyond the arc, and play excellent team defense.

The regular season is within sight. Hang in there, and listen up as the Grizzlies look to win a preseason basketball game and put on a good show.