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Set Your DVR: Grizzlies Preview on NBATV at 6PM

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NBATV is featuring your Memphis Grizzlies this evening.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Ok, that was actually pretty good. Apologies to the good folks at NBATV for all the smartassery below because everyone was well-informed and thoughtful in their analysis. Try and catch a re-run of the show if you didn't DVR it in time. -CG

You know you want it: the half-assed analysis from Grant Hill, Vince Cellini, and Rick Kamla; the unsourced, utterly confident assertions that Marc Gasol will flee to the Knicks at the end of the season; and of course, a lazy, uninformed predictions that the Grizzlies will wind up in the lottery. The NBA TV preview shows never fail to deliver the goods. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! You'll get: inexplicable conversations about Kobe Bryant, a lot of baseless chatter about Coach Joerger "wanting to run," a prolonged discussion about Rudy Gay and/or Lionel Hollins, and additional talk about Kobe for no reason.

When: Tonight, 6PM CDT

Where: NBA TV

Hey, it's better than no Grizzlies on TV. Maybe David Aldridge will stop by. Hopefully, Mike Fratello won't.