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Grizzlies vs. Flamengo Report Card: The Grizz Get All A's On An Easy Quiz

Playing Flamengo is the equivalent of taking an open book quiz. You're going to get an A it's just about how long it takes you to finish it.

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Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 112 - Flamengo 72


Mike Conley: 21 MIN |4 PTS|7 Asts|+44

A. Mike Conley could have played with a blindfold on and been better than everyone on Flamengo's team. He seemed more interested in setting everyone else up than scoring the ball.

Courtney Lee: 25 MIN |12 PTS|5-8 FGS|5 Assists| +41

A. CLee showed how good he could can be. I docked him a + because he will not stop taking PUJIT's (Pullup Jumpers In Transition).

Tony Allen: 26 MIN |14 PTS|6 REB|5 Stls|+41

A+. Tony was in full Tony mode tonight. Blowing up passing lanes that lead to intense fast breaks because you aren't sure if he is going to blow the layup or not, taking jumpshots he shouldn't take and some great bench reactions.

Zach Randolph: 26 MIN |10 PTS|4-7 FGS|8 REB|+44

A. He's that dude that keeps looking at the clock in class waiting for it to end because he is absolutely bored out of his mind.

Marc Gasol: 29 MIN |21 PTS|8-14 FGS|13 REB|3 Blk|+10

A+. Marc is that friend you have that forgets his book, but is so smart he can still get an A.


Vince Carter: 6 MIN |5 PTS|2-3 FGS|-4

A. Vince aced the quiz in like six minutes. He was done before anyone else could look up. Hitting a three and another jumper is all I needed to see from him, i like Coach Joerger saving him for the season.

Jon Leuer:14 Min|6 PTS|3-5 FGS|4 REB|-9

A. Jon had the highlights of the game with a Darrell Arthur esque block off the backboard then vicious dunk on the other end. TOO BAD IT WASN'T ON TV.

Kosta Koufos: 15 MIN |6 PTS|3 REB|-10

A-. Kosta's that guy who didn't know it was an open book quiz and showed up worried. He got super excited when he walked in and it's an open book quiz.

Quincy Pondexter: 16 MIN|13 PTS|6-8 FTS|-5


Beno Udrih: 14 MIN|8 PTS|6-6 FTS|-8

A-. He missed those super easy questions that everyone else got, but got that one bonus question that nobody else could figure out.

Nick Calathas: 10 MIN |2 PTS|4 Assists|+0

B. Ok everyone can't get an A. He barely played, but he makes plays so easily.

Jordan Adams: 13 MIN|2 PTS|+2

D. He looked like he didn't feel like playing. He settled for threes instead of driving and played what can be described as lackadaisical defense.

Jarnell Stokes: 9 MIN|5 PTS|4 REBS|+10

A-. Only playing your rookie big man against a front line I could score against is criminal. He absolutely should have played more. The short time he was in he destroyed the inferior Flamengo front line.

The D-Leaguers

Earl Clark: 10 MIN|8 PTS|3-4 FGS|+3

A. He belongs on an NBA roster. He is obviously talented to the point where I can't believe that nobody else has taken a chance at him.

Patrick Christopher: 7 MIN

D for don't sign this guy.

Hassan Whiteside: 3 MIN

Kalin Lucas: 3 MIN

I. They are headed for Iowa soon so it doesn't really matter.


Tayshaun Prince:

I hope this isn't the last time we see this.