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Marc Gasol was dazzling vs. Flamengo, looks poised for a breakout

Marc Gasol was unstoppable against Flamengo in the Grizzlies fifth preseason contest. Look, there's video evidence!

Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Marc Gasol worked on his body a lot this offseason. He shed some unwanted pounds, and he now looks leaner and meaner than ever. Couple his body being in the best shape of his career with his newfound mentality to attack with regularity, and this version of Gasol could be what Grizzlies fans have called for countless times over the past several seasons.

Whether sprinting the floor as well as a guard, executing the pick and roll to perfection as the screener, shooting jump shots without hesitation, or aggressively muscling to the rim, Gasol's offensive performance against Flamengo was a positive sight to behold.

Flamengo was undoubtedly an inferior team, but Gasol still did things that we haven't seen from him nearly enough in his time as a Grizzly. Maybe he's finally ready to break out and become the offensive catalyst that he's capable of being, or maybe this is "just preseason." You draw your own conclusions.