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Photo evidence suggests that Grizzlies training camp erupted into team wide brawl #jokes

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Just look at the picture, it says it all. Although some of the participants don't seem completely invested in it.


The Grizzlies were poised to start off another hard day of work when a very odd and possibly choreographed melee broke out amongst players and coaching staff. Most of the violence seems centered around Beno Udrih and Jon Leuer with Kosta Koufos apparently making a halfhearted attempt to break it up. It's really disappointing to see the teams' veterans shuffling around the edges of the brouhaha and just looking on with the cameramen.

But is it just me or do some of these punches look a little stiff? I mean, the trainer in the front left of the shot isn't even worried about who he's striking, and the fact that Michael Beasley looks disinterested really has me questioning what actually started this fiasco and whether or not it is indeed a fight. In fact, the only guy who looks positively ready to kick some ass is Beno Udrih -- which is of no surprise considering I've always thought his hyperpositivity was the veil for a man on the brink of snapping.

Wait, hold on. I'm hearing through my sources that this is just the team gathering for a huddle chant before practice.

This makes more sense. Move along now. Gng.