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Memphis Grizzlies stadium experience still among the most affordable in the NBA

Numbers say the Grizzlies are among the most affordable game night experiences, but that's only half the story.

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Joe Murphy/NBA Getty Images

Finance illuminators over at Nerd Wallet broke down the average price for a family of four to attend a game at all of the NBA home arenas, that includes: 4 tickets, 2 beers, 2 sodas, 4 hot dogs, and parking.

The Memphis Grizzlies came in with the 9th most affordable game, costing $414.92 for all the items listed above. And keep in mind that the Grizzlies are currently offering the NBA's best stadium experience -- not a bad combo to have.

But let me also break this down a little more, and with the knowledge that this method of basketball viewing can be duplicated at most NBA arenas.

The $414.92 includes four tickets at the average median resale price of $90.63 a piece ($362.52) which would undoubtedly get you seats very, very close to the action in FedexForum (we're talking courtside). But let's head over to and maybe think about purchasing four plaza tickets they have listed at $30.71 for a total of $122.84. You just saved $240 and you've still got fantastic seats. Now you can take $40 of your savings and get two more beers and a couple of bags of some pretty amazing gourmet popcorn. Then take the other $200 down to the Grizzlies Den and buy everyone a hat or jacket.

Or even still, go plop yourself and 3 others down in the 2nd row of the terrace (still really great seats) for $13.35 a piece ($53.40 total) and use the extra $300 to throw down at The Second Line after the game.

And if you're really stingy, you can still score four tickets in the higher terrace seats for $6.85 a piece ($27.40 total) and put the extra money in the bank.