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Marc Gasol is the 2nd best center in the league according to the NBA GM Survey

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It's the Annual General Managers Survey....Were our Grizzlies naughty or nice????

Bill Baptist/NBA Getty Images

Happy NBA GM Survey Day!!!!!!!

Today, released it’s annual GM survey.

Seems as though our Grizzlies are not on the nice list with the GM’s though…Here is a sample of the results that affects the Memphis Grizzlies:

Favorites to Win the NBA Title

San Antonio Spurs- 46.2%

Cleveland Cavs- 15.4%

Chicago Bulls- 11.5%

Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder- 11.5%

Golden State Warriors- 3.8%

Favorites to win the Western Conference

San Antonio Spurs- 55.6%

Oklahoma City Thunder- 29.6%

Los Angeles Clippers- 11.1%

Golden State Warriors- 3.7%

Favorites to win the Southwest Division

San Antonio Spurs- 96.4%

Houston Rockets- 3.6%

This morning, our very own Editor Chris Faulkner, Joe Mullinax and theRealHrdlicka had a conversation about what the experts are missing. Why are we so high on the Grizz and many of the "experts" are not? Well, apparently the GMs are in the expert camp. Not one vote in any of these categories. Guess some guys will eat some crow this year, huh?

Oh well...on to the individual polls...

Best Center in the League

Dwight Howard- 42.9%

Marc Gasol- 25%

Joakim Noah- 17.9%

Tim Duncan- 10.7%

Anthony Davis- 3.7%

Hopefully this is the last year that D12 is at the top of this poll. Time for Marc to take over the league!!!! Marc also finished third in the league’s Best International Player (Best- Dirk Nowitzki) and received votes for Players with the Best Basketball IQ (Chris Paul).

Tony Allen is a General Manager darling this year, winning the Toughest Player in the League poll:

Tony Allen- 25.9%

Kobe Bryant- 11.1%

David West- 11.1%

Reggie Evans- 7.4%

Kenneth Faried- 7.4%

TA also was voted third in Best Perimeter Defender (Lebron James was first) and received votes for Best Defensive Player (Joakim Noah was first)

Other Grizzlies receiving votes:

Mike Conley received zero votes for Best Point Guard (Chris Paul was first), but was fourth in Active Players Most Likely to be a Coach (Chris Paul won that one too).

Zach Randolph was third for Best Offensive Rebounder, behind Andre Drummond and Kevin Love and tied with Reggie Evans, Kenneth Faried, and DeAndre Jordan.

And just when this poll seemed like a total downer…proof that the General Managers in the league have a sense of humor

Best Head Coach in the NBA

Greg Popovich- 92.9%

Others receiving votes: Tom Thibadeau and Lionel Hollins.

That’s right…Lionel Hollins was in the same category as Greg Popovich for one poll.

I can smile now

Happy GM Survey Day Y’all!!!!!!!