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Grizzlies vs. Cavaliers First Half Game Diary: Z-Bo Pushups!!!

My notes from the first half down here at FedexForum.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports vs. Cavaliers Game Diary

1st Quarter

Beautiful National Anthem from one Zachary Thomas.

Nothing as limp as preseason Z-Bo.

Vince Carter riding QPon's ear pretty hard early on.

VC literally pushing his teammates into position on defense.

Tayshaun jumpers still looking about the same these days.

MM13 with a nice little ovation upon coming into the game.

The lineup of Calathes-Carter-Prince-Randolph-Koufos is not the answer, to anything, other than "what lineup should never play?"

2nd Quarter

Gasol's defense definitely not suffering from his weight loss.

Nick Calathes just broke someone's ankles, or maybe spine, to no avail, but it was slick.

Grizzlies not rotating all too well on defense, sluggish.

I smell french toast somewhere and it smells divine.

Griz offense has completely stalled for several minutes. No one looks especially crisp tonight.

Kevin Love cannot guard preseason Z-Bo. Not a good look.

Z-Bo pushups after a hard fall!! Preseason Zach has a pulse!

Kyrie just nailed a 3pt hook shot as he trots to the sideline after a timeout.

And then nails one coming out of the timeout, non-hook shot though.

Half ends with Griz down 2. Nothing awful in the first half but not much too fancy to notate either.

Grizzlies 42 - Cavaliers 44