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Grizzlies vs. Cavaliers Report Card: Everyone is tired of preseason

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The Memphis Grizzlies played the Cleveland Cavaliers in a presseason basketball competition tonight. I tried not to fall asleep as they won.

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Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 96 - Cavaliers 92


Mike Conley: 27 MINS|10 PTS|4-9 FGS |4 ASTS|+17

B-. The offense sstill thrives with Conley at the helm, but his defense on Kyrie Irving, even in preseason, was porous to say the least.

Tony Allen: 21 MINS|5 PTS|2-7 FGS|2 StlS|+7

C-. Tony was doing that thing where he thinks he needs to be aggressive on offense; it didn't end well. All this game did was reinforce the fact that he cannot and will never be able to shoot.

Quincy Pondexter: 30 MINS |15 PTS|5 REBS|3 ASSTS|+6

A. He was pretty great in this game. Driving to the basket and getting to the line is a welcome sight that hopefully sticks around for the season. Now if he could just make more of those pesky wide open threes where nobody is even twenty feet of him... Defensively he was very active and got his hands on approximately 8557879435 balls, but I don't think anyone thinks he can guard Kevin Love.

Zach Randolph: 28 MINS |11 PTS|4-12 FGS|5 REBS|4 TOS|+6

C+. ZBo used to own Kevin Love, but alas it seems those days are over. Next game we should take bets on how many possessions ZBo tries on; I'll take the under on whatever number you give me. The turnovers are troublesome, but it's preseason - I expect that to work itself out.

Marc Gasol: 25 MINS |16 PTS|6-10 FGS|9REBS|2 BLKS|+7

A. Marc is just destroying preseason. It's almost pointless for him to play on Friday against the Heat. He's pulling in all As in the least important part of the season.


Vince Carter: 21 MINS |3 PTS|1-6 FGS|+2

C. This one hurts my heart. I'm going to be the first GBB writer to have to give Vince a bad grade. His shot selection and defensive effort are all fantastic indicators that it's preseason. I say let him shoot all shots from halfcourt until the game is over on Friday.

Jon Leuer: 15 Min|10 PTs|3-6 FGS|3 REBs|+1

B. Great offensive display from Jonny Badger; maybe if he could play defense then he would crack the regular rotation.

Kosta Koufos: 28 MINS |13 PTS|4 REBS|-7

B+. Kosta likes to have up and down games. One minute he's dunking on someone's head, the next minute he's missing five free throws. This was without a doubt his best preseason game though.

Tayshaun Prince: 7 MINS|0 PTS|0-3 FTS|0 REBS|0 ASSTS|0 STLS|0 BLKS|0 TOS|0 PFS|-5

F-----------. It's so sad at this point. Tayshaun wanted to come out and prove everyone wrong and it just ended up with him getting the ole 7 trillion.

Nick Calathas: 31 MIN |10 PTS|4 ASSTS|-12

B. I wish he wasn't suspended for part of the beginning of the season. He makes everything so much more fun. Except when he almost nails someone in the dome with an errant pass.

Kalin Lucas: 6 MINS|3 PTS|-6

B. He hit an open corner three and can play off the ball, I expect him to be the 15th man on the roster.


Courtney Lee - Injury

Beno Udrih - Personal Matter

Jordan Adams - Rookie

Jarnell Stokes - Rookie

Patrick Christopher - Bad