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Grizzlies vs. Heat Halftime Notes: We have a game brewing!

It's a fake game, but there's some intensity shading the edges if thus one.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies vs. Heat

1st Quarter Notes

Courtney Lee coming out aggressive, nice to see.

Norris Cole sneaking around out there and getting easy baskets off of cuts (and lazy defense from Memphis.)

The Heat are making a point to get physical with Z-Bo early on.

Tony in treat-mode, playing within himself quite well.

Miami not missing much of ANYthing to start this one.

It's starting to look like Zach leaning on some mid-range game might be the way to go, tonight and perhaps throughout the season.

Vince Carter sinks the "Bayless 3" aka "Tayshaun Special" aka stepping in for a really long two.

Grizzlies moving the ball really well and anticipating each other's movement on offense.

The Heat's bench is SLLLAAAwww, y'all.

Nicky C is giving Shabazz all he can handle on defense.

Griz up by 4 to end the quarter.

2nd Quarter Notes

Leuer opens with an airball from three.

Marc always looks like he's doing the sad Peanuts walk whenever he's subbed out.

Griz passes not as crisp to start the second quarter.

TA with a  corner three! i might have to go buy a lottery ticket tonight.

Z-Bo guarding Bosh, nope.

Griz getting that offensive circulation back! Cutting and slicing and all sorts of verbs going on out there.

Calathes trying to get in as much basketball as possible be fore his 13 game suspension starts up.

Tayshaun trying to make plays to set up teammates but it's just not happening.

Tony Allen has got to be furious with DWade sinking all these shots over him.

Z-Bo finding a rhythm under the basket now.

Double techs on Zach and Shawne Williams. Definitely some words being exchanged as the Heat continue to play Z-Bo very physically.

Cont. - It's nice to see #50 stokin' the fires.

One thing is certain: Miami runs the fast break waaay better than Memphis.

Conley has been driving super-duper aggressively in this game. Maybe even to the point of trying to do a little too much, but he's getting to the line.

Tony's first foul comes with 38 seconds left in the 1st half. /stats

Tony ends the half with a crazy three attempt that nearly went in.


Grizzlies 48 - Heat 54