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Grizzlies vs. Heat 2nd Half Notes: Jonny Badger makes a charge

How do the G-Bears finish this one up?!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies vs. Heat

3rd Quarter Notes

Calathes starting for Conley, Vince for Tony, Koufos for Marc in the 3rd.

Vince definitely with a penchant for fouling in the preseason. Hopefully that ankle heals up 100% and he can start defending with his legs again.

Lee still shaking off the rust, or at least I hope that's what's going on. The curse of inconsistent 2-guard scoring still bearing down. /FreeJordanAdams

Timeout game on the court with two guys trying to defrost frozen t-shirts and put them on to no avail. Prolly want to shelf that one.

Jordan Adams back in for some significant time.

Hey, Chris Bosh is pretty good in case you forgot over the past few years.

Vince still rusty, but the man can shoot through the rust. /ForThree x2

I really do believe BC is going to bring an element the Grizzlies haven't ever had.

Adams has a really nice first step to the basket. /fancy

Jarnell Stokes enters to a nice round of applause.

Griz struggling to get in rhythm, Heat not so much....still shooting at a high clip.

Memphis down 13 after the 3rd, 71-84.

4th Quarter Notes

Patrick Christopher likely seeing his final minutes as a Grizzly.

Leuer looks like the only Griz with a pulse so far in the 4th.

The stats won't really show why, but my GrizCrush on Jordan Adams is persisting. The just looks natural out there.

Grizzlies coming back and making this one interesting, courtesy of Jonny Badger and P.Christopher.

Jordan Adams with an incredible and1 finish going through the lane. It's feelin' for realz, y'all.

Stokes definitely not afraid to get in that mud down low!

Leuer really carrying the load right now.

Griz playing well enough to get a nice little Defense chant going from the 10K-ish amount of fans still here.

Grizz firing dummy shots around with his shirt cannon. Goofy Grizz.

This Holtcamp lady is NOT shy with her whistle.

A nice effort down the stretch, but the Heat's hot hand puts them over the top in this one.

Final: Grizzlies 98 - Heat 104

Stay tuned for the quick summary!