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GBB Mailbag: Submit Your Questions For a New Feature


Yea yea, I know the last thing the sports blogosphere needs is another mailbag, but Bill Simmons isn't going to answer Chad from Germantown's question about how Quincy Pondexter fits into the our wing rotation, Drew Magary is too busy compiling hilarious stories about getting caught masturbating, and Clay Travis cares a lot less about the Grizzlies than he does about scooping BarStool Sports on videos of girl fights and casually racist #hotsportstakes. I know this because I read them all every week pretty much without fail (or used to), and so do a lot of people on the internet. And yet, we saw an overcrowded marketplace and said, "Me too!"

There aren't really any restrictions on what you can ask or say, but I'd appreciate it if we could avoid stuff that's either well-worn or vanilla (i.e. "How many minutes will Tayshaun average this season?"). Get creative, for example: "The Grizzlies are the Land Sharks of the NBA and Tony Allen is Bo Wallace - agree or disagree?" I'd definitely probably put that in!

Check back on Friday for the column and thanks in advance for your hilarious and insightful emails.