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Grizzlies Win The Season Opener for the First Time in 14 Years. Here's What Twitter Had to Say

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Twitter can be both entertaining and informational.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Grizz President of Business Operations firing folks up early.

Can you imagine how excited that guy must be?

So good to see QPon back on the floor.

Boss Faulkner was our guy manning the official Twitter account and covering the game with the media creds.

At least one Grizz killer wasn't suiting up.

I found myself wondering the same, Andrew.

ZBO scored the first Grizz points of the season and looked like vintage ZBO early on.

It seemed like the majority of the first quarter or even first half was ZBO and Thad Young trading buckets, while guarding each other.

We all did, Kevin. The offseason was too long.

Me too, Austin.

Marc was, well, near perfect tonight. Big Spain finished with 32 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks, and 2 steals.

So, yeah, Courtney Lee played well, apparently.

You asked for it, Kevin.

For those unfamiliar with term 'Wendigo' just know it means Marc Gasol did something awesome.

Very well put, Adam.

When Tony Allen is completely blowing layups, one knows the Grizzlies have returned.

That happened, too.

Spencer Hall, national college football columnist for SB Nation, knows what's up.

So, the Grizzlies stop their 13 game season opener losing streak, but wait, there's more.

We love you, Marc Gasol. BUT WAIT, THERE'S ONE MORE!

Sleep well, GrizzNation. See ya Friday.