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NBA Mailbag: The Rookies try to get acclimated to their big boy jobs

It's a mailbag! Everyone likes a mailbag!

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The season is about to start and for some it's their first time around the block. They need advice to avoid the pitfalls that plague so many rookies. I'm tired of watching rookies flame out because of bad decisions or being drafted to the wrong team.

The rookies need advice more than anyone and I'm here to help.

These are fake questions from real NBA rookies.

"What is there to do in Minnesota?" - Andrew, Minneapolis

I've been to the mall in Minneapolis and it's pretty awesome. There are roller coasters and everything.If you aren't like Hasheem Thabeet and love malls then I guess you could try Scientology. At least there is more to do there than Cleveland.

It's a good thing that you were traded. A rookie is not ready for the pressures of playing next to Lebron James. Having to play at a high level night in and night out is just too much to expect of a first year player. When the Lebron/Wiggins tandem failed in the playoffs, because they weren't going to be as good, the blame is not going to be placed on the 4 time MVP.

"Who should I be friends with on this team?" - Jabari, Milwaukee

Avoid O.J. Mayo and Larry Sanders like the plague. I don't want them corrupting you Jabari. Sanders smokes weed likes it's part of his contract so I'd steer clear. You absolutely have to avoid O.J. Mayo because he will challenge you to an eating contest and you will get destroyed.



Who are these guys on my team?" - Nerlens, Philadelphia

Well you have Michael Carter-Williams and Joel Embiid besides that I honestly don't know.

"Am I going to be allowed to run three point line to three point line?" - Doug, Chicago

No. Tom Thibodeau is going to push you on the defensive end of the floor. If you can't play defense you aren't going to play under Thibs. Offensively, I'm not sure how the Bulls will be using you besides being a spot up shooter. Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah are going to dominate the ball in the same way you did at Creighton.

"Should I keep my hairstyle?" - Elfrid, Orlando

Absolutely, I am all for crazy hairstyles. Except the fauxhawk, the fauxhawk is a terrible disaster that needs to be destroyed.

"Why is nobody really talking about me?" - Noah, Charlotte

It's really a shame that nobody is talking about you. Crazy athleticism, the ability to stretch the floor and some shot blocking are exactly what Charlotte needed in a rookie. Hornets Coach Steve Clifford has stated that Marvin Williams will be starting at Power Forward to begin the season, but I don't expect that to last long.

Your +4000 Rookie of the Year odds are looking mighty enticing right now.

"Why did I fall so far in the draft?" - Jarnell, Memphis

It actually makes no sense to me. You have similar if not better stats than Julius Randle, a similar body type and playing style. The only thing lacking is the athleticism and the fact you played at Tennessee and not Kentucky. Here is a good breakdown at

Stokes is going to make an impact with the Grizzlies this season. He is undoubtedly the most NBA ready prospect Memphis has drafted in a long time. His strength and knowledge of the game make him a steal at the 35th pick in the draft.

And now for the Ron Artest Question Of The Week:

"Did you know I had a line of children's books?" - Metta, Somewhere in China



This isn't terrifying at all.