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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Minnesota

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Find out what the Timberwolves' fans had to say following the Grizzlies 105-101 win over Minnesota last night.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Quite a mixed reaction from Minnesota fans after their defeat against Memphis, they have a lot of praise for Randolph and Gasol's performances, but seem to dislike Vince Carter.

The following are actual comments gathered from Minnesota forums.

'Gasol and Randolph just absolutely destroyed us and pretty much won them the game on their own.'

'We held ourselfs decent playing AWAY against a PRETENDER and a powerhouse in last few years.'

'Nobody should be upset at the loss tonight. To be in it at the end against an awesome team on their home floor is a very good sign'

'Vince Carter and his wily ass... Ugh.'

'Vince traveled........'

'Conley is so underrated.'

'We had 1 starter play well and we got absolutely destroyed inside by Gasol and ZBo.'

'Tough loss to a dang good Memphis Grizzlies team. If they stay healthy I think they're a top four team in the West. Pek really struggled tonight, no way of slowing down Randolph and Gasol, who when healthy are the best front court in the NBA. I thought Memphis was getting a lot of calls, which is common for teams that are more aggressive.'

'Zach is really the best at what he does'

'I think people forget how good Gasol and Randolph are together.'

'all the whining and beotching that Vince Carter did all night paid off in the end as the refs bailed him out on a HORRIBLE call'

How do you feel the Grizzlies performed in last nights season opener?