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Indiana Pacers vs. Memphis Grizzlies, Final Score 89-97: Grizz get a scare on Halloween night

Tonight's quick recap for the action in Indianapolis.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies decided to all where costumes for the first half of tonight's Halloween matchup against the Pacers in Indianapolis.

What were those costumes?

They were all disguised as awful basketball players who have no professional experience in the NBA. Even though they didn't full get into character until the 2nd quarter, they had me completely fooled. There's no way those were the Memphis Grizzlies. And as it turns out, the first half horror show was just a rouse.

That wasn't the only frightening part of the start of the game, however. Midway through the 2nd quarter, a chaotic play left Courtney Lee on the ground. As everyone makes a break for transition down the court, Roy Hibbert's knee collides with the back of Lee's head and nearly knocks him clean out.

Lee would leave the game and not return after being diagnosed with a mild concussion. What's almost as scary as the impact of Hibbert's knee to Lee's head was the impact that Lee's absence looked to have on the Grizzlies as he was the only Griz with a hot hand early on.


At halftime, Dave Joerger got everyone to take off their "awful NBA player" costumes, and the Grizzlies came out roaring in the 2nd half, going on a 21-2 run at one point. Tayshaun (who got the 2nd half start in place of concussed Courtney Lee) was hitting from long range, Conley turned on the jets on both ends, and the duo of Marc and Zach started to pound the paint and get to the line.

It all started going Memphis' way and the Pacers couldn't do anything to escape the nightmare their team has become.

Three Things from Halloween Night

Vinsane? Remember when we signed Vince Carter? That was cool. He finished with 5:46 minutes tonight and had no impact on the game outside of cauterizing a Pacers run early on. And you'd figure with Lee out that he'd end up on the other end of the spectrum -- not so much. Those minutes would go to Quincy Pondexter and, gulp, Tayshaun Prince (it worked out).

Money Mike. We've talked about Marc Gasol taking the helm of the team in time's of need, but tonight Mike Conley looked to share the role of comeback captain, taking a game-high 19 shots including 8 3-point attempts. Mike had a great game.

Earning that $$ The way Zach Randolph is playing in the first two games of the season, he might be worth every bit of that $16.5 million he opted into this season -- Z-Bo averaging a 20/10 in his first two contests.


Stay tuned for a full recap from Raleigh McCool, and be sure to go vote in our Player Performance Rankings for this game tonight!