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GBB Over/Under- Media Day, Over/Unders, and Being Bleepin' Smart

Your weekly look at what is over/under appreciated with the Memphis Grizzlies, the NBA, and Life, the Universe, and Everything Else.

Jason Miller


Some Shout Outs:

S/O to our very own Chip Williams, special guest star Martin Knezevic, and The Biggest Boss Chris Faulkner for throwing fire this week at media days and Grizzlies training camp this week.  I'm not sure what you did, dear reader,  but I followed along all day and felt like I was there.

S/O to myself (I am so totally not above that...I try my best to be just like I am) for my crossover article between hockey and basketball.  You should read it.  No seriously...stop what your doing and read it.  Don't you do everything some stranger on the internet types and tells you what to do?  Do it!

S/O to Google for getting this right. Boom!

S/O to all of us for making it.  You know why?  Because this week there will be Grizzlies pre-season basketball against the Milwaukee Bucks (Get Buck!).

Your Memphis Grizzlies


The Tone at Media Day and Training Camp-As shouted out above, media day was this week, and our guys here at Grizzly Bear Blues covered the hell out of it.  But I did want to explore one observation that I have had during this week: a tone of superiority and confidence.

All week, when the Grizzlies were giving interviews, they all exuded a level of confidence that I have not seen for quite some time.  Sure, there were the stock quotes:

"I think we are going to be pretty good"

"This team has a lot of talent."

"The guys here really like each other."

But this week felt very different.  Maybe some of the uncertainty from the past two years were gone.  Maybe these guys are just getting older and into their primes and know that if they are ever going to do it...this is it.  I really loved the confidence.

I also really loved this TA quote:

Tony Allen: Stat Nerd!


The Grizzlies Vegas Over/Unders and Odds-Also this week, The Las Vegas Super Book released their NBA Win Total Over/Under bets as well as other NBA odds. Here are the results for our Grizzlies:

Odds to win the NBA Title: 50/1 (13th in the league)

Odds to win the Western Conference: 25/1 (8th in the conference)

Odds to win the Southwest Division: 8/1 (5th in the division!)

Over/Under Wins: 48.5

Umm.. Seriously Vegas??  If gambling were legal (to live outside the law you must be honest), should we bet on the Grizzlies or should we just show up with a bag with a dollar sign on the outside and pick up the winnings? Its amazing that you still know how to breathe.  Forty-nine  wins???? When last year they had a new head coach and missed more games from starters than any other team in the league and still won fifty games????

When Matt Moore joined Grizzly Bear Blues Live in August, he thought the Grizzlies would tear through the league with revenge on their minds from last season.  He said, without a major injury, the Grizzlies could win 58 games, and I agree.  Fifty-eight wins puts them top three in the West, which throws off those ridiculous divisional odds as well,  Behind Houston and Dallas??? Really???  I can see San Antonio, but those other two??

Vegas does not respect the Grizz.  I believe in you, though I be outnumbered.


In accordance with Internet law 17.45*, every person with a small corner must make their voices heard on every little thing.  So now here are my 50 star locks of the year (for entertainment purposes only) for the NBA Over/Under Win totals

*Book of Al Gore Chapter 8.0, Verse 01010101011110101110

I can't help it if I'm lucky:

Over-rated (Take the under)

-Cleveland Cavilers (58.5)- Fifty nine wins seems like a lot for a team that has never played together.  Plus, its a long season.

-San Antonio Spurs (56.5)-We have been betting for a changing of the guard for years...maybe this is the year?

-Golden State Warriors (50.5)-This feels less like a team and more like a team of almost put together parts...especially ones that can't play defense...I'm looking at you David Lee!

Houston Rockets (49.5)-Growing up, I was a Rockets fan.  It was the mid-90's.  The Dream was amazing.  Clyde Drexler was still semi-amazing.  Robert Horry looked like a young Will Smith (instead of what he looks like older Will Smith).  Sam Cassell was amazing and I told everyone he was my cousin (My grandfathers name was Cassell, said like former Kansas City Chief and current Minnesota Viking QB Matt Cassell, who is actually my 3rd cousin).   Eventually, like most experiences, they broke my heart one too many time just for good luck...and I moved to Memphis and my allegiances.

But this team lost a lot and replaced it with Trevor Ariza not very much.  Plus, watching James Harden play defense is a drag when standing in my shoes.

-Toronto Raptors (49.5)- This team made the playoffs with the customary "Trade Rudy Gay (grumble) bump" that Sacramento would be wise to discover.

-Portland Trailblazers (48.5)-R-E-G-R-E-S-I-O-N....what does that spell....LMA being a Laker this time next season.  Don't criticize what you can't understand.

-New York New Jersey Brooklyn Nets (41.5)- thought Lionel hated Joe Johnson.

-New Orleans Pelicans (41.5)- Team number two behind Golden State for "good team with players that make no sense."

-New York Knicks (40.5)- Ain't no use jivin' and ain't no use jokin' cause everything is broken. This teams sucks.  The Knicks traded Chandler to Dallas for very little.  The Kicks had five centers in training camp last week.  The only one with name recognition was Jason Smith.  Do you know who Jason Smith is???

Of course you don't.

-Detroit Pistons (36.5)- This team will get better once Josh Smith is a King as part of the "Washington Wizards panic trade for Rudy Gay (grumble)" as merely  an addition by subtraction.  But as constructed...if you think this team will be're an idiot babe.

-Indiana Pacers (32.5)- There once was a time that you could say this team might have the best record in basketball.  The times...they are a-changing.

-Los Angeles Lakers (31.5)- Will this be the year Kobe finally get back to a few years ago?  Or will this be the same old???  I'm not saying Kobe is too old.  We all get older.  He who is not busy being born is busy dying.  But maybe this is getting close to the end of

What do you mean you can't repeat the past...of course you can.

-Sacramento Kings (30.5)- A lot of buzz for this team this year.  I like Boogie as much as anyone...but this team is gonna suck.

Orlando Magic (28.5)- Next...

Boston Celtics (26.50)- Don't reach out for me...can't you see I'm drowning too.

Milwaukee Bucks (24.5)- We forget that this team had the worst record in basketball last year (15 wins).  Is Jabari Parker and a year older Greek Freak worth 10 more wins??? Naw man...

Under-rated (Take the over!)

Oklahoma City Thunder (57.5)- With a healthy Russ and a KD that has an MVP to defend, I think they will lay waste to the NBA, probably with over 60 wins.  The rest of the league will be looking for a shelter from the storm.

The Playoffs...that's another matter....

Chicago Bulls (55.5)- I am willing to be way off with this pick, and that's ok.  If Derrick Rose is healthy, this team wins the East.  If not....a seven seed and a one and done.

Los Angeles Clippers (55.5)- Another team from the West that will destroy the regular season..and I really hate saying that.

Washington Wizards (49.5)- I think they will win 50 games, make the aforementioned trade (grumble), and lose in the first round.

Dallas Mavericks (49.5)- Fifty less.

Charlotte Bobcats Hornets (45.5)- They're back.  This team was on the rise last season.  Just hope that the Born Ready addition doesn't screw anything up.  Money doesn't swears.

Miami Heat (43.5)- This team is decent without Lebron.

Phoenix Suns (42.5)- I never once believed in this team last year.  Now I can...but just barely...I still don't see them making the playoffs.

Denver Nuggets (40.5)- If there is a surprise team in the is my leading candidate.  Next to the Grizzlies, the Nuggets lost tons of time to injuries last season.  So a full season of Danillo and the return of Aaron Afflalo (who is an assassin)...and this team just might surprise and just barely make the playoffs.

Atlanta Hawks (40.5)- ehh..

Minnesota Timberwolves (25.5)- Someone has to be able to beat the Lakers and Kings in the West.

Utah Jazz (25.5)- Just keep it moving...

Philadelphia 76ers (15.5)- Make it 16!!!!!  When you ain't got got nothing to lose.

Life (Its Life and Life Only), The Universe, and Everything Else

Time Out!

Love Hayes Carl.  Love this song. Love this line:

You were openly frustrated/ You Said Dylan's over-rated/ While singing Tangled Up In Blue

Which leads me to this...


Nerds rule- There is this great line in Zero Dark Thirty.  These CIA guys are talking about the credibility of Jessica Chastain's character.  One guys says that she is pretty smart.  James Gandolfini, playing a big shot CIA guy, replies "Yeah...but we're all f@$#ing smart."

I thought that, until this week.  According to the Guardian in the U.K., a group of Swedish academics had a bet: whoever could write and get published the most academic papers with Bob Dylan lyrics or references in them before retirement would win a lunch.  This bet went on for seventeen years, with five different participants.

I was in a PhD. program, and I understand how academics can squeeze everything fun and what you love out of the thing that you like most in this world.  But this article tickled me so very much.

So in their honor...I have sprinkled eighteen Dylan lyrics/references in this article.

Good luck finding them.

Till next week...just one more