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Grizzlies at Pacers Photo Gallery

Action shots from Memphis' 97-89 win in Indiana

The Grizzlies overcame a 13 point deficit to take a 97-89 win in Indiana last night.

Zach Randolph made it 2 double doubles in 2 games this season with 22 points and 13 rebounds. Marc Gasol continued his strong start to the season with 20 points on 9-16 shooting from the field. Mike Conley added 17 points for the Grizzlies. Courtney Lee had 12 points in 16 minutes before leaving the game following a head injury after taking Roy Hibbert's knee to the back of his head. Memphis finished the game with 11 steals, with 5 of them coming from Tony Allen.

After allowing 34 points in the second quarter the Grizzlies would allow just 36 points in the entire second half, which helped turn a 13 point deficit into a 9 point win.