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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Los Angeles

Find out how Lakers fans reacted to last night's loss against the Grizzlies.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

There wasn't much response from Lakers fans after the game - well, apart from Lakers fans doing what they do best (talking about Kobe Bryant). So here are the few snippets I managed to find.

The following are actual comments gathered from Los Angeles Lakers forums.

Davis needs more minutes and more shots... his touch is unbelievable around the rim, coach needs to draw up some plays for him.

Their bench was dominating, Vinsanity, Udrih and especially Koufos, amazing.

Our bench was outscored 14 to the Grizzlies 38. Thats the biggest reason we lost.

Terrible game by these refs... Giving b scott a technical for saying "no way", missing that Wes foul, and the all these damn tic tac fouls they gave when our guys were making great defensive plays.

No way Kufos should be scoring 10 points...that's the game right there.

Worst calls I have seen in a while. So many fouls on the Lakers where i could clearly tell 4 or 5 of them worked in their favor. This game was a close one. Lakers had their chance to win, so no shame on this team. After all, we just played one of the best team (according to the standing) and almost beat them.

Our defense is god awful right now. The Grizzlies are not a high scoring team. You only need a league average defense to keep them under 100 points. Their P&R defense was excellent. Our P&R defense sucked. We need better rim protection and help defense.

Zbo simply outworked his former teammate Ed Davis.

Grizzlies, 107, Lakers 102, final score. Moral victories suck but at least it was a close, hard-fought game.