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Report Card: Grizzlies vs Sacramento Kings | Player Performance Rankings

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In one of the craziest games in Grizzlies history the grit and grind squad were able to move to 8-1.

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Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 111 - Kings 110

Coach Dave Joerger:

B. There were some serious problems with the rotation throughout the game. Starting Tayshaun Prince made no sense and seriously hurt the Grizzlies in the first quarter when they needed Courtney Lee with the starters. Not playing Kosta Koufos and barely playing Jon Leuer after both played solid first half minutes was nonsensical. Everything was redeemed in the fourth quarter though. The two Vince Carter threes and the game winner were all off of gorgeous plays that made you think for a second that you were watching the Spurs.


Mike Conley: 39 MINS|22 PTS|8-17 FGS |11 ASTS|+13

A+. What a game by Conley. He had so many great moments. The floater in the lane to bring it within two, the layup to tie and then the leaning three to go up one. Conley seemed to be the only Grizzly starter in the first two and a half quarters. Foul trouble kept him out of the game in the first half, but he played well with it in the second half. Conley was the reason the Grizzlies were able to claw back from 26 down.

Tony Allen: 24 MINS|0 PTS|0-5 FGS|4 REBS|-10

D. The first three quarters Joerger struggled to keep Allen on the floor. His defense showed up at the end of the game when the Grizzlies needed it the most.

Rudy Gay: Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that guy in a Rudy Gay jersey keeping the Grizzlies in the the game in the fourth quarter played for Sacramento?

Tayshaun Prince: 11 MINS |2 PTS|1-2 FGS|1 ASTS|-20

D. He tried. Not sure if he can still hang with Rudy at this point in his career.

Zach Randolph: 34 MINS |17 PTS|6-13 FGS|8 REBS|+3

B-. I have never seen Zach Randolph as disinterested he was in the first half. He went into the half with 0 points, 0 rebounds and 0 defense. Things changed in the second half with Randolph getting to the line, trying on defense and using his strength to get open under the basket for easy shots.

Marc Gasol: 37 MINS |20 PTS|5-13 FGS|7 REBS|-2

B. Marc Gasol was abysmal in the first half. He couldn't guard Demarcus Cousins or lacked the intensity that it required. Everything changed in the second half. He played the whole half and was awesome on both ends. Affecting shots on defense and getting to the free throw line to keep the Grizzlies competing were the best things he's done in two games.


Courtney Lee: 36 MINS |16 PTS|6-9 FGS|3 ASTS|+15

A+. What a game from Courtney Lee. THAT GAME WINNING SHOT WAS AMAZING. He proved to the one person that thought him starting was a bad idea that they were in fact wrong. This team is completely different with Lee hot like he was in the second half tonight.

Vince Carter: 17 MINS|11 PTS|4-5 FGS|4 REBS|+20

A. The two threes that Carter hit in the second half. Both came on plays that made me wonder where that has been all season.

Kosta Koufos: 11 MINS |6 PTS|3-4 FGS|1 REBS|+3

A. I see not one reason Koufos didn't play in the second half of this game. His defense on Cousins was better than Gasol's and he was competent on offense. He should have played in the second half no doubt about it.

Jon Leuer: 14 MINS|8 PTS|3-4 FGS|3 REBS|+0

B. THE RETURN OF JON LEUER HAS FINALLY COME UPON US. This was the most confident Leuer has looked this season and he was productive because of it.

Beno Udrih: 9 MIN |4 PTS|1 REBS|-13

B. Udrih was on pace to have another good game until a flying Tony Allen elbow to the neck knocked him out for the rest of the game.

Quincy Pondexter: 8 MINS|3 PTS|1-2 FGS|1 ASSTS|-5

C. The eight minutes he was on the floor weren't the most memorable minutes he ever played.


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