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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Sacramento

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Find out how Sacramento Kings fans reacted to last nights loss against the Grizzlies

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The following are actual comments gathered from Sacramento forums.

I dont even care about the fact the refs screwing us over or whatever happened in the last 1 second I'm more concerned about the fact that we have now last back to back games with a lead of 24 points or greater how are we letting teams back in the game so easily!!!!!!!!!!!

This one hurt even more because we were up by what...18 with 7 minutes to go? At least in the Dallas game we pretty much knew we were going to lose the lead after halftime.

What kind of cataclysmic downpour of cerebral ineptitude does it take to blow two 20+ leads in a row. I can't fathom the kind of apocalyptic mental feebleness it necessitates. It's propelling the crumbling emotion of heartbreak to a level that Satan himself would rather show compassion than the despair and torment associated with this variety of defeat.

Apparently sources say the Kings WILL BE appealing the result tomorrow... lets just pray for justice... for ONCE.

Justice would be letting Memphis have that win. You shouldn't be able to get away with pissing away a game like that.

While I agree with the latter, facts are facts... and the refs shouldnt be able to completely decide a game like that. They had them in the penalty with 7-8 min left in the 4th just so theyd have a chance, and gave cuz his 5th n tech as soon as he got in for absolutely no reason at all, theres no place for that either. Tough team and tough place to play, but as ugly as it was, that win by all facts and evidence is rightfully ours.

Kings robbed, ball left his hands prior to the shot clock even starting.

Straight up, there might be a few refs or somebody getting fined or suspended tomorrow. Somebody big time blew it. What's the point of having rules here?

Guys I need anger management before I watch another game. I know it's melodramatic but I'm taking a break from them.

Not sure whether to laugh, or cry, but I'll just leave it at wow.

Funny, they never show the angle where the inbounds pass was tipped by Hollins. Because if the ball was tipped, then the clock should have started then, and the game would have been over, making the whole tipping issue moot. Funny how the Kings are always on the short side whenever this sort of thing happens.

Bullshit wait until you come too our house!

Conley travelled before he thew the 3 pointer. Anyone else noticed it?

Let me get this straight, they caught a rebound, called timeout, and reversed a layup, all within .6 of a second??????