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Courtney Lee beaming with confidence on The Chris Vernon Show

You knew it was going to be a pretty good day after last night.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Hero of the Hoop City Miracle made an appearance on 92.9's The Chris Vernon Show this morning to talk about last night's incredible comeback win over the Sacramento Kings.

I'd suggest listening to the entire segment as Vernon does a great job of talking back through the transcendental experience that was last night. But for the Courtney Lee interview, you can skip to the 44:00 minute mark.

Some of my favorite takeaways:

  • The bond that appears to exist, whether because of last night or from previous engagement, between Mike Conley and Courtney Lee. That post-game interview is just absurdly touching. Darn allergies...
  • This sentiment is a very strong element of the locker room. Lee mentions his favorite part of this team is the degree to which they have each other's back.
  • Courtney was pretty torn up over missing the game ending shot at Milwaukee last week. Redemption is sweet.
  • Lee talks about Dave Joerger's dynamic as a coach and emphasizes how much importance he places on communication. I was already a CDJ fan, and hearing bits like that only fortifies my fandom.

Give it a listen and continue engorging the goosebumps you're still sporting from last night.