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The Iowa Energy win on the road against the Reno Bighorns to inaugurate their 2014-2015 NBA D-League season

The starters of the Energy played heavy minutes and solid basketball to defeat 152-144 the Reno Bighorns’ run and gun style. Four Energy players scored 29 points or more to overcome the full-court defensive press of the Bighorns and the 11 threes of Heslip.

Final Score:

In Reno, Nevada, the Iowa Energy (Memphis Grizzlies D-League affiliate) played against the Reno Bighorns (Sacramento Kings') their first game of the 2014-2015 NBA Development League Season. They got the first win of the season and gave a good impression on the road playing the best Grizzlies basketball they could -sharing the basketball, getting points in the paint, and defending opponents- considering the electric run and gun style of basketball of the Bighorns.

Energy starters got surprised at the beginning of the game with the full-court press made by the Bighorns and struggled a bit to inbound the ball and pass the half court, but once they figured that out, they started sharing the basketball and making easy baskets in many fast break opportunities.

The ultra fast pace of the Reno Bighorns made the game unbelievable crazy for some moments, but sharing the minutes on the court was key for them to remain fresh and for keeping alive that style of basketball until the final minutes of the game. On the other hand, the Iowa Energy starting five played heavy minutes -more than 34 everyone of them- and Coach Donewald only called off the bench three more players, two of them, very well known for the Memphis community: Ferrakohn Hall and Pierre Henderson-Niles.

Best Energy's players of the game:

Patrick Christopher - 29 points (13-19 FG), 6 rebounds, and 4 assists.

Damien Wilkins - 32 points (12-17 FG), 13 rebounds, and 9 assists.

Hassan Whiteside - 30 points (15-18 FG), 22 rebounds, and 8 blocks.

Kalin Lucas - 32 points (14-30 FG), 5 assists, and 4 steals.

Best Bighorns' player of the game:

Brady Heslip - 40 points (11-18 3PT).

So 1-0. On the road. The season has definitely started well for the Energy.

Now on the next one: with no much time to rest, the Iowa Energy play tonight too in Santa Cruz against the Warriors, where they will have another opportunity to impose a bit of slow Grizzlies basketball versus another fast paced team.

Go Energy!