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Grizzlies Fantasy Update: Vince Carter on the rise, Quincy Pondexter diminishing

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Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Carter played an integral role in the Grizzlies franchise record setting comeback against the Sacramento Kings on Thursday night, and he also looked a little more comfortable playing more of his minutes with the starters. As we pointed out after the game, Dave Joerger is showing the ability to get Carter more open looks from three by using the offensive potency of the starters as distractions.

Thursday marked Carter's first double digit performance of the season, and against a week Pistons bench he could look to add another.

Quincy Pondexter, however, doesn't seem to be fitting into the role that Dave Joerger wants for him, and I'm not sure if that stems from Pondexter's desire to play outside that role or if it's a fault of Joerger's for putting him into a role that doesn't match his skills.

Whatever the issue, Pondexter's playing time has slid to under 10 minutes a game this week, and he's shooting a paltry 24% from three through 9 games.

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