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Memphis Grizzlies Avoid Trap, Dispense Detroit Pistons - Final Score 95-88

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In their most fundamentally sound game so far, the Grizzlies got their first straightforward win of the season over up-and-coming Detroit.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Make it 19 straight home games and 10 consecutive wins against the Detroit Pistons.

Game Summary:

Coach Joerger ruffled some feathers before the game by putting Tayshaun Prince in the starting lineup alongside Tony Allen, but it was more of a nominal start than anything else. Courtney Lee played 31 minutes to Prince's 15. Maybe Joerger is experimenting with ways to make Lee an offensive 6th man since he and Quincy Pondexter are still not getting along. Who knows.

The Grizz rode 11 points by Marc Gasol, 10 by Zach Randolph, and 19 by the bench to an double-digit lead in the first half, but a flurry of threes by Kyle Singler and (ugh) Caron Butler at the end of the second period narrowed the gap to 51-50 at halftime.

Both teams shot cold to start the third quarter, but the Grizzlies managed to build a 5-point lead after rotating out Prince. The Grizz did a lot of little things right in the fourth, turning around the rebound differential and keeping to the interior on offense. Turnovers were few and far between. Detroit threatened late with a handful of extra three's to pull within 5, but Clutch Conley nailed a floater in the lane with 30 seconds left (on a broken play) to seal the deal.

Bits and bobs:

Shoutout to Pete Pranica (shoutout baby! let's go!) for his 1000th NBA game boadcast. Dude is a real pro.

DNP-CD for Quincy Pondexter, and the soap opera continues. QPon is a fairly valuable trade piece except for his lengthy contract. Keep your eyes on that, I guess.

Vince Carter was unable to buy a bucket, going 1-10. At least 4 of them went halfway down. I have no problem with VC volume shooting.