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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Motor City

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Find out how Detroit Pistons fans reacted to last nights loss in Memphis

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The following are actual comments gathered from Detroit forums.

I'm actually pretty pleased with how the team played in that they defended fairly well. Memphis is incredibly tough at home. The Memphis bigs have their games well established so their bumping and pushing are accepted, and especially at home. The only thing about that which is shocking is that anyone expected it to be otherwise.

I don't think this game should be cause for alarm in comparison to other dumpster fire games we had. This Memphis team is legit with established toughness and defense.

Refs a big part of the reason we lost tonight (and I hate blaming refs). The other reason, missing shots.

Marc Gasol is one of the best players in the league.

Grizzlies are one of best teams to watch playing defense.

So after beating okc we lose to the grizz??!!!! Consistency guys!!! C'mon.

Our defense was good even though it was back to back and the opponent were the 1st place Grizzlies.

Jesus himself couldn't help this horrid team.

Horribly officiated game. Completely lop-sided.

We did way better than I expected, just got completely outworked by zbo on the boards.