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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Houston

Find out how Rockets fans reacted to the Grizzlies 26 point win

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The following are actual comments gathered from Houston forums.

The Rockets should take this lesson from tonight: They may have the talent to squeak by the Seventy-Sixers or the Depleted Thunder while not playing well...but that's not going to happen against a legit Western Powerhouse like the Grizzlies.

I admire the way that these guys play the game, and Marc is much more likable than his brother.

rox lost to the best team in the league right shame especially on a b2b.

when the **** grzzlies shoot the 3 ball better than you, you suck .

Not happy with losing, but The Grizzlies have something that we don't: Depth.They also have veteran leadership, continuity & did I mention depth?

The team has a very good roster last season with the only missing piece on the coaching.It's automatically a serious title contender with a better coach.

This scrub we let go off in Leuer is way better than these two pathetic guys we have in Black and Dorsey.

That was embarrassing.

memphis defense. ELITE

Always tough to play against them Grizzlies, especially now they improved their offense as well.